Workplace harrassment and dating

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Workplace harrassment and dating

This course reminds us all of the importance of recognizing and preventing unlawful harassment in the workplace and of the standards of civility that have made W&L what it is today. You will receive a welcome email with your username and a temporary password.

1) Go to https://org/WQ3RH189940/WLUPrevent Harassment.

The love contract will also set forth guidelines for acceptable and unacceptable romantic behavior in the workplace.

“ Not every junior-senior relationship causes trouble, but their sensitive nature means everyone involved needs to be extra-aware of what’s ethical.

All members of the campus community play a part in discouraging, responding to and preventing the types of misconduct prohibited by the University Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Other Than Sex and the Sexual Discrimination and Misconduct Policy (recommended reading before taking the online course discussed below).

Reporting You are encouraged to report any misconduct under either of the above policies, but please note that all faculty and staff are expected to report sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, or stalking. Create and answer a security question 3) Complete the course - estimated to take less than 60 minutes.

“I do this because [relationships] can cause a lot of damage. They are dead ringers for cascading violations of integrity.” One of the major concerns regarding junior/senior dating is that there may be an element of coercion.

While many organizations take a more relaxed stance toward co-workers dating these days, it can cause trouble when you cross into the realm of manager-subordinate romantic relationships.

“Junior-senior relationships in the office can hurt morale and even harm the company if the people involved forget their professionalism,” says Beth P. The relationship can lead to claims of favoritism or cause other co-workers to feel uncomfortable and create a hostile work environment.

“Additionally, if the relationship ends, one of the employees may claim the relationship was not consensual, that the employee was sexually harassed, or that that employee was retaliated against if that employee receives a poor performance review from the former paramour,” says Zoller.

Many experts say it’s important for companies to have policies in place that address junior-senior relationships.

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" Those are questions I'm frequently asked when I tell people the story of my office romance.