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Who is wwe kane dating

At the first Hell in a Cell match, Kane made his debut by costing Undertaker a match with Shawn Michaels.

Undertaker refused to fight Kane until he was burnt alive in a coffin at attacks on Pete. Undertaker feud has been on-and-off again ever since.

When Kane appeared, he wore a mask and had sleeves to hide his disfigurement from the fire.

He also was unable to speak without aid of a voice box.

Lowlights included Shane getting a car battery attached to his testicles and Kane falling into a burning dumpster and being unmarked the next week.A few weeks later, Gene Snitsky caused Lita to have a miscarriage. Combined, they are almost 14 feet tall and weigh close to 1,000 pounds.This event seemed to bring them closer together, but Lita wound up being with Edge when details of their real-life relationship caused Matt Hardy to be fired. Sometimes the Undertaker is the bad guy and sometimes Kane is the bad guy.They seem to turn on one another and become friends again on a regular basis.

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