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Having this data on hand can definitely help singles who are looking to make a good first impression and wanting to make that love match.” The eye tracking glasses from Tobii Pro used in the video are equipped with a scene camera, infrared illuminators and four cameras taking up to 100 pictures per second, collecting data of the exact point of where a person is focusing their attention.

On that same date, only five topics of conversation were discussed, while other daters would average nine topics of conversation.

But will the octopuses get cold, er, arms, with all those prying human eyes on the other side of the glass?

The live -- and online -- audience hasn't seemed to kill the mood for previous pairs.

“The dating study shows just how versatile eye tracking has become for studying people in real-world environments," said Mike Bartels, a Senior Research Director for Tobii Pro.

“Social psychologists have relied on eye tracking to understand how social situations influence perception and attitudes for years, but much of that research was relegated to laboratory settings.

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Of those who wanted a second date, their pupil diameter was, on average, larger during the course of conversation (5.53 mm) and smaller (5.27 mm) for those who subsequently passed on the opportunity when asked.

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