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Daphne is Bloom's older sister, and the eldest daughter of King Oritel and Queen Marion of Domino.

Before the events of Season 5, she was also the last-known fairy to have acquired Sirenix.

In Magical Adventure after Bloom frees a fish she was forced to eat, Daphne appears and tells Bloom that when she was alive she also had to eat raw fish and that it tasted horrible.

In Season 5, when Bloom asks about the location of the ancient Book of Sirenix to Daphne, she is seen losing her calm demeanor out of concern for her little sister, since the dark spell that the Ancestral Witches had placed on Sirenix caused her to become a disembodied spirit and she feared that Bloom might suffer the same fate as herself.

After this, the final battle against the Ancestral Witches and the Company of Light took place.

After the destruction of her home world, Domino, Daphne's disembodied spirit went to dwell in Lake Roccaluce near Alfea (perhaps because she became a spirit because of the Sirenix curse and the Source of Sirenix is found in Lake Roccaluce), and she appeared to have lost none of her incredibly strong magical powers, though she is only able to leave the lake to which she is bound for short periods of time because of her damaged connection to Sirenix.

She also appears to be fairly young when shown in the Book of Fate in the first film.

Along with her age, Daphne's upbringing and her fairy form are mysterious even if she has been seen to be powerful enough to fly without wings, although that could be because she was a Nymph (however it was never precised whether a Nymph is a fairy form or just a title).

She was/is the spirit of an extremely powerful nymph, bound to the bottom of Lake Roccaluce in Magix, as she was "killed" (actually cursed) sixteen years before the beginning of the events of the show when the Ancestral Witches destroyed her world.

She returned to Domino after it was successfully restored in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom.

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Daphne has fair skin, long pale blonde hair and amber eyes. She wears a pale green tube top and a pale blue ruffled mini skirt over pale blue leggings with yellow ribbons tied around them and matching ankle length boots. Her hair has light red streaks, and is tied into a ponytail.