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So Jesus’ point is not that we fight sin by gouging out eyes. And there’s also the emotional longing for sexual excitement, closeness, and pleasure. Here’s what I recommend: Don’t try to change your heart first.

His point is that IF gouging out eyes would overcome sin, it would be well worth it. God’s grace helps us deal with each of these differently. This craving is not in itself sin, and is something God built into our bodies. But if God has called you to fast, you must resist it by relying on God’s promise that He is worth the discomfort, and by knowing that in time the hunger will be gone. Turn and trust Jesus Christ to forgive you, help you, free you, and satisfy you. The word of God is the sword the Spirit uses to slay unbelief and lust (Eph ).

There are two ways to say no to sin: compulsion and repulsion.

By compulsion, I mean the ability we possess to grit our teeth and overcome the allure of sin with sheer will.

I was taking every possible physical measure to “flee youthful passions” (2 Timothy ). Looking back, my war against the cravings inside of me was a lot like the Ulysses and his crew were on a long and dangerous journey.

On the way, they sail by an island where Sirens lived.

Look at the second part of 2 Timothy , “ a greater pleasure.

When we find ourselves before something more desirable than whatever we’re currently chasing, we’ll let go of our former love, finding it repulsive by comparison. Consider another sailor from Greek mythology, Jason, who came across Sirens’ island.

John Owen puts it well, Were our affections filled, taken up, and possessed with these things . Will we position ourselves to hear God’s voice, to give our soul the chance to truly taste and see that he is good? It’s the fight beneath every other fight in the Christian life. Editor’s Note: “Sirens” (streamed free of charge above) is a track from Jimmy Needham’s album Vice & Virtue.

No matter how much you have sinned sexually, how impossible change feels, or how powerfully you are being tempted — there’s good news. And so, if you will turn to Him as you are, and trust Him to forgive you, help you, change you, satisfy you — you can know you are completely forgiven, clothed in Christ’s perfect righteousness, and passionately loved by God. No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man.

God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. A few chapters earlier Jesus said sin comes from the heart (Mark ). There’s the physical craving for sexual feeling, activity, and fulfillment. So what’s most important is not will-power, computer filters, or accountability. But what’s most important is strengthening our faith in Christ.

But unless we are married and in a setting where this can be pursued in a way that serves our spouse, it must be resisted. By relying on God’s promise that He is worth the discomfort, and by understanding that God has made our bodies so that in time the craving will diminish. By faith alone you can immediately be assured that you are forgiven and that God will fulfill all His promises to you (Luke -14). So pray over passages describing God’s incomparable glory, Christ’s all-satisfying love, and the Spirit’s heart-changing help, like Exo -19; Psa 138:5-6; Gal ; 2Cor 8:9; Luke ; 1John 5:4.

If you desire sex more than you desire Christ, have had lustful thoughts, or don’t believe He can overcome this temptation — confess your unbelief. God promises that who He is in Christ will completely satisfy every emotional longing (see Psa ; John ; John -38; 1Pet 1:8). If you know someone who would be helped by reading this, email it to them using the “share” button below.

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