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The next day, Tre and his friends go out with Chris who shows them a dead body.While there, a group of older boys in the Watts Crip gang steal Ricky's football and Doughboy tries to retrieve it, but is defeated.Tre (Cuba Gooding Jr.) has grown into a mature and responsible teenager, works at a clothes shop at the Fox Hills Mall, and aspires to attend college with his girlfriend, Brandi (Nia Long), but their relationship is somehow deteriorating over Tre's desire to have sex, while Brandi, a devout Catholic, wishes to wait until after marriage. After a visit from a recruiter, a mildly embarrasing experience for Ricky due to his unkempt home and his brother's rudeness, he is informed that he must score a 700 or higher on the SATs test in order to qualify. Afterwards, they go to see Furious at his office to unwind.Furious takes Tre and Ricky to Compton, California to talk about the dangers of decreasing property values in the black community.The remaining boys vow vengeance on Ferris and his crew.Furious finds Tre preparing to take Furious' .357 Magnum, but convinces Tre to abandon his plans for revenge.

After Tre gets into a fight at school, his teacher informs Reva that Tre is highly intelligent but has a volatile temper and lacks respect.

However, Brandi and Furious catch Tre sneaking out of his bedroom window to join Doughboy.

That night, as the gang drives across the city, Tre asks to be let out of the car and returns home, realizing that his father was right to keep him from falling into an endless cycle of violence. They both look at each other without saying a word, and then Furious retreats to his bedroom.

While the older boys walk away, one of them gives Ricky his ball back.

Later in the day, Furious spends father/son bonding time with Tre, taking him fishing by the seaside and tells the boy more about his life prior to having him, including his military experience in the Vietnam War, in hopes of making his son proud of him.

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