Sedating your baby for flight

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Sedating your baby for flight

We have a little bit of experience with drugs and pharmaceutical ingredients but you don’t know what the reactions are going to be under that particular circumstance.” She was hoping “she would get some rest and we’d both be rested by the time we got back home because daddy was waiting at the other end and I wanted her to be in a good mood.” Sachs-Barrable gave Gravol in tablet form to her daughter shortly after boarding. The journey with their three toddlers involved an overnight flight to London, a full-day layover in Heathrow and another overnight flight to Cape Town.

Soon she realized, “ ‘Oh God, what have I done to my child? With respect to Gravol, the product drug monograph states the following under the ‘adverse effects’ heading: symptoms of excitement (especially in children) have been reported.” Yet some parents aren’t afraid to praise the benefits of inducing a child’s sleep. The flight to Heathrow was “hellish.” “Before the second flight, we decided to give them Gravol so we could get some rest. “We gave Gravol to Alex and Thomas on the second flight. I’m reluctant to give sedation my wholesale recommendation.

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Travellers’ diarrhea is a common illness in travellers.

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The workshop was hosted by Sallie Boschung, a Vancouver French immersion teacher who has flown extensively with her two children all around the world.

Boschung came with a list of tips for handling kids on the ground and in the air. “Dress even teenagers in really bright clothing like fluorescent pink,” she told the group.

Airlines have different policies about age and air travel, so it’s best to check before you make plans. Cabin pressure in an airplane changes often, and a newborn baby’s system may have trouble adjusting.If your baby is younger than 7 days of age and must travel by air, talk to your doctor first.If your child has a health condition, check with your doctor before travelling.Children with pacemakers should travel with an ECG performed both with and without the pacemaker running.Most airport security devices should not affect cardiac pacemakers.

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