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Many brewers will buy these bottles back from a retailer a full retail price, so there is no reason to keeping old beer on the shelf.“Born on dates” are the less common marking you’ll find on some bottles indicating when the beer was bottled.vintage iroquois indian head beer, metal bottle opener buffalo ny brewery 3 58" this one in nice condit... "If you are a victim of pre-mature aging and it depresses you, finding a serum that works will hel... 2 vintage iroquois indian head beer bottle openers. "Uk economy shipping is royal mail nd class post - please note, this has a delivery aim of working days but can take up to days to arrive" Vintage bottle can opener ibi iroquois.

Beer only ages correctly under the proper conditions.

The date you see on most beer bottles are not expiration dates but ‘pull dates,’ which are the dates retailers are instructed to pull beers off a shelf if they haven’t sold yet.

The beer inside hasn’t expired, but it’s not longer considered “brewery fresh” and most companies no longer want it to be sold.

"Altes", "Black Label", "Champale", and "Schmidt's", are registered trademarks of The G. "Miller High Life", and the phrase "cold-filtered" are trademarks of the Miller Brewing Company.

"Magnum", "Meister Bräu" "Miller", and "Milwaukee's Best", are registered trademarks of the Miller Brewing Company.

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Also generally speaking, unless otherwise noted, most dates on beers are pull dates, not born on dates.

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