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Shanon: Now, when it comes time to actually push the baby out, you may find that the atmosphere in this room changes dramatically. We are powered by the latest in video and audio software. Whether you prefer busier or quieter rooms, regardless of race, age or sex, we have diversed enough to have you covered. Ashley: So basically when you first come into the room, we have you change into a hospital gown.We first and foremost have to get baby on the monitor, see what baby's doing. So, we'd get the baby on the monitor, do vitals, and then get your IV started. The first thing is, if a vacuum or a forceps were used, the baby comes here right away. A lot of times the reasons that we use those instruments is the heart rate was down or we need to deliver the baby quick and sometimes the baby needs what's called resuscitation. The pediatrician can what we call work on the baby. So we usually try to do the IV someplace on your lower arm. And then these are the pumps that the fluids go in. We start looking, okay, are there tears, how bad are the tears, how are we going to repair the tears? Everyone forgets about the placenta, but it's a real critical part of delivery. And bring the baby from being in a water state to being in an air state. So this can tell us exactly how much fluid the baby, the mom is getting, so we can keep up with ins and outs. Shanon: So after Mom's had a chance to snuggle with baby, baby comes here. And sometimes it takes the babies a little bit of time. We have many information pages throughout the site.

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And then we draw your blood at the same time, so that hopefully you only have to get one stick and then we send your labs off. Ashley: Okay, so immediately after the epidural, we're going to closely monitor your blood pressures, because that is one of the side effects of an epidural, is that your blood pressure can decrease. Jacques Moritz: Well, before it's time to push, there isn't really much to do. They check the heartbeat, that's done with the machine behind you, and everything's pretty chill until it comes time to push. Shanon: Now, after a woman has delivered her baby, the baby's come out, she doesn't necessarily get to hold it right away. If everything goes well, the way we try to deliver is the baby should come this way and should go right on top of you. Usually we have the father cut the cord, or at least we ask him. If the delivery goes fine, the mother has finished bonding with the baby, the baby will come here, it receives the bands, the fingerprints, and two important things, the vitamin K shot, which everybody gets, it's the first baby's shot.

And then when we get your labs back, then you would be a candidate for an epidural. Let's just say I've been hooked up and I have an epidural. So we keep the baby on a continuous monitoring and we are going to monitor your blood pressures at least every two to five minutes for the first 20 to 30 minutes of your epidural to make sure that your vital signs are stable. With my first pregnancy, when I – when it came time to push, it kind of got exciting in there. Shanon: Generally, how long is a woman pushing for? It gets a shot of vitamin K to make the blood thicker so that the baby won't bleed in the brain or anything. Just keep in mind that your hospital might have a slightly different procedure when it comes to labor and delivery, so maybe you'd like to check with them to see if you can do a tour of the hospital ahead of time.

The blood pressure hooks up to here, so this is what'll be connected, and it registers up on the screen. Moritz: Right, so it depends on if it's her first baby or second baby. And it also gets some cream in the eyes in case there's gonorrhea or chlamydia.

And then you also have a button that you can push if you need extra medicine.

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