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Jason segal dating

He discovered acting in high school and landed his first television role at the age of 18.

After two failed series, Segel scored a hit with The son of a lawyer, Jason Segel grew up in an affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles.

“A woman.” He sheepishly explains that he had been with his ex for six wonderful years, up until the point where she had expressed a desire to start a family. ” “Yes, of course.” “So what was wrong with your ex? I was just stupid,” he tells me, a guilty look on his face, similar to the one my dog Chloe gives me after peeing on the rug. There I am, at 2am and 4 tequilas deep, projecting the sins of douchebags past onto poor Jason Segel.

I expect him to throw one back at me, to tell me to shut my trap and point our that I’m no Gisele Bundchen either.

It’s one of those situations where I can probably spend all night swapping cool stats with him if I really want to, except that it’s a new year and I have resolved to grow a brain.

“Do you think ‘View Collect’ is a good name for a company? He immediately informs me that he’s a real estate lawyer (which explains the weird conversation-starter), and we launch into a heated discussion about New York real estate, law, expensive views, and other things that I have zero hands-on experience with. He offers to buy me a drink and we head to the bar, where I run into an ex (yes, at Tropical 128 – welcome to my life), a slightly discombobulating event that I decide is best digested with tequila.

We’ve heard from a lot of people about why they’re single: alien conventions, spandex, renaissance faires, children’s books, and cats are just a few of the things that our readers say are keeping them single.

There Segel was sometimes picked on by his classmates for his religion. By the age of 12, Segel had reached his full height, standing 6' 4".#Dry January is officially over, I’m back to drinking, the world is making sense again.I also have no social life to speak of, so I take a friend up on an offer to go to some random guy’s going-away party in Nolita.Apatow cast Segel in a new television series called .The series, which followed a group of five friends, slowly and steadily grew in popularity following its debut in 2005.

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