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MOYER: My character isn’t one of the ones who gets many of those lines because he’s more melancholic and introverted.But, I was very pleased in Episode 5, where Pam comes on with a huge hat because she’s covering her screwed-up face, and Bill says, “Oh, good, the world needs more beekeepers.” When you get those lines, you’re like, “Yes!Then this season, what I’ve gotten to play is that I’ve got to let her go. So, whilst doing all of that, I get to be the king.

PAQUIN: I feel like it would be weird to decide what I want to happen to her ‘cause it probably won’t ever match up with what I envisage, and then I’d be disappointed. PAQUIN: Do you think the werewolves have good grooming? Alcide is a unique and rare werewolf, in that he seems to play close attention to his grooming.

STEPHEN MOYER: The way that Alan has the show set up is that, whoever has written an episode is the producer of that episode, and they sit on set the entire time.

But, we’ve got six writers, so that means they’re going to be on for two episodes. MOYER: So, I did find out that that was the idea that was being pitched. I feel really lucky because I’ve gotten to play a really interesting arc, just as an actor, from the first season.

In real life, one of the things I always find is that, if you can laugh through a situation, even if it’s incredibly sad or really hard, it’s the way through, and our show uses that in a really great way.

Also it’s just really fun for someone to write you in a way that makes you sound incredibly funny.

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She’s starting to choose what she wants, instead of being preyed upon by these vampires.

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