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Dating a swiss army knife

Whether yours was a gift from your pops or you got it while working on your first badge as a Cub Scout, it no doubt became a trusty sidekick you relied on for a bunch of little tasks.

The small folding knife has become a quintessential item in a man’s everyday carry collection.

You can buy Swiss pocket knives by Victorinox, with a guarantee and at an attractive price from uk.

Lifelong guarantee against material and construction defects.

This knife has a blunt tip, but the edge is very sharp.

Sheffield, England became the epicenter of production.

While not widely available at the time, the style would become the basis for many utility pocket knives made today.

Once the Industrial Age hit, mass production became more feasible and they grew in popularity. The navaja was a Spanish folding knife introduced at this time that operated like a basic peasant’s knife.

They’re known for their spring-loaded blades that are accessed with the push of a button.

The infamous Italian stiletto style became popular in the US after WWII.

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And they are available in almost any price category.

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