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Are you dating a loser

Mr Deceiver tends to be secretive, getting lots of texts when he’s with you but not commenting on them, he always looks at other women and seems to keep you away from his friends as much as possible.

If you climbed Ben Nevis then he has climbed Mount Everest… Mr Deceiver has usually been unfaithful in past relationships and is rarely single for long often dating someone new immediately after the previous relationship.Conversely there are the top seven crazy women to avoid too but that’s another article! Mr Neglect A laid back date can seem relaxed and easy going but if he is too laid back and doesn’t feel the need to conform to time constraints then your frustration and impatience could signal that you’re dating Mr Neglect, a man who is unreliable, never takes commitments seriously and thinks everyone else is wrong to conform to society’s expectations.At work he happily follows time schedules but believes there is no place for deadlines at home.Funny how there’s never any concrete evidence of it. Are you content and satisfied with everything, or do you need to push yourself to do better? The scary thing about a mature, grown-up, confident man is that he won’t rely on you the way you think he should. Your deluded, insecure perception of what a relationship should be is the problem.With a loser, you aren’t required to make any tough self-observations. There you are, ready and waiting to turn him into an improved specimen. He’ll resent you for not accepting him the way he is, and you’ll resent him for not becoming a better man because he cares about you. Instead of accepting the guy the way he is, you see what he could someday be. If you want someone who depends on you for everything, there’s some twisted stuff going on below the surface. This is convenient, for sure, but doesn’t it make you wonder why? It doesn’t make you a genius to date him just because you can be sure you won’t have any competition.

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Even his friends admit that they can’t depend on him as Mr Neglect always takes things as they come and never plans things too far ahead.

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