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"All right then, I guess you need a further lesson in being a good girl," Jennifer responded.

The girls marched the sissified boy over to the vanity bench and sat him down.

And if they're not doing that they want to shop for new clothes all day long!

Put a girl in a real job and all they do is worry if their stockings have a run in them, or if their makeup is on straight!

"Well, Peter dear, it seems that girls can be a match for boys, don't you think? Jennifer took off her black lace panties and ceremoniously stuffed them in his mouth, tying them securely in place with a scarf.

He was lifted to his feet, his clothing swiftly cut off his body, and he stood there naked and bound while the girls teasingly covered him body with Nair.

Chrissy and Sally each took one of his hands and began filing his nails, and then coated them with bright pink polish.

In short order the girls applied makeup, mascara, blusher, eye shadow, and bright, glossy pink lipstick to his features.

She waved the slowly developing print before his face and teased, "Now if you don't behave like a proper young lady we just may have to show this at school little Petty." The girls crowded around as the print developed and laughed uproariously at the incriminating photo, with the clearly evident bulge at the front of Peter's panties.

"She looks too cute to be a boy anymore," said Jennifer. Pink anklets and black Mary Janes were placed upon his feet and then the girls readied the dress.

"We're going to get rid of all that nasty hair Peter so that you'll be smooth all over, just like a girl," Karen giggled.

The girls untied his bonds and pushed him into the shower.

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For that matter, it wasn't hard to beat a girl in anything anyway.

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