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Adult cam kamaral

It was a disaster of the first magnitude to Great Britain, a triumphant success for the Americans. During the three centuries, more or less, of the life of our Overseas Empire, incomparably the greatest blow which Great Britain ever suffered was the loss of the colonies which formed the nucleus of the present United States. See KENYA COLONY British Empire and Belgium's war orphans, ./. dementi, 443-58 See also WEST INDIES BRITISH IMPERIALISM, 5-6, 52, 123-4, 238, 674-5, 760-1 Balance of power within the Empire, Sir Charles Lucas, 17-26 False analogies, J '. Through those colonies becoming a foreign nation and no other cause could have had the same effect Canada was placed on the road to become the nation which she is to-day. Marsh, 100-2 BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION, 54-5, 175-6, 565-6, 677-8, 723 IV INDEX BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION continued Luncheon to British Empire Exhibition Mission, 96-9 British Empire Exhibition, Major E. Belcher, 591-4 BRITISH GUIANA : Colonization in British Guiana, C. Had the United States remained with us, Canada must have been dwarfed by and very possibly absorbed in the adjoining much more populous colonies.

* BINDING LIST MOV 1 1923- *' UNITED EMPIRE THE ROYAL COLONIAL INSTITUTE JOURNAL EDITED BY EDWARD SALMON VOLUME XIII. C., The pearl of the Pacific, 296-302 Advance of Medical Science throughout the Empire, Dr. Cowan Guthrie, 303-12 AFRICA, 172-3, 280-1, 331-2, 544 Fee also ANGLO-EGYPTIAN SUDAN, EGYPT, KENYA COLONY, RHODESIA, SOUTH AFRICA, TANGANYIKA, WEST AFRICA AGRICULTURE : Profit-yielding plants, M. Through them we finally acquired unquestioned supremacy in India as against other European Powers, and greatly strengthened our position in the Indian Ocean by gaining possession of Ceylon, with the harbour of Trincomalee, and Mauritius, with the harbour of Port Louis.

But the firmness of the local British authorities, coupled with the conviction on the part of the Ashantis that the white men had offered no sacrilege, caused the trouble to subside. no longer Golden, has returned to a safe and, let us hope, enduring obscurity. * Paper read at a meeting of the Royal Colonial Institute, held at Edward VII. B., High Commissioner for New Zealand, in the chair. its object being to prevent the world from being dominated by any one ruler or people in a word, to preserve the liberties of mankind.

Naturally great excitement prevailed : for a moment an uprising was feared. To me it seems to be a sane and wholesome doctrine or principle.

Jose, 772-3 See also NEW ZEALAND, PACIFIC, PAPUA AVIATION, 6-7, 126, 281-2, 432, 618-9 Aircraft on imperial air routes, C. 19 Colonies and the West Indian Islands, whose trade was then of more value than the trade of India and the East, were in a pre-eminent degree the Colonial Empire.


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Ashbolt, 568-70 BACON, FRANCIS, 552 In justice to an empire founder, Hon. He was styled Secretary of State for the American Depart- ment, or, in the alternative, Secretary of State for the Colonies.